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Amanda Popham - ceramics exhibition May12 - June15 Annabet Wyndham - flavour of the month Gail Dooley - In the window Caroline Finlay Justine Allison Wallace Sewell


We’re excited to be hosting our second Amanda Popham exhibition. Amanda’s fantastical and poignant figures have a charm that draws you in and invites closer inspection.
Our month-long selling exhibition will be held at Jam Eton, 81 Eton High Street and is open from 10am, Tuesday 12 May until 4pm close on Sunday 14 June.

Our gallery, Jam Eton, is simply brimming with carefully selected artwork, jewellery, ceramics and glass from both established and collectable designer-makers, to those newbies kicking up a storm at the fashion and design shows.

The NEW Jam Home studio is now open. The idea is that customers will be able to see the work ‘at home’ and so get a better idea of how it might look in their own homes, as well as being able to buy from a range of handmade British designed furniture.

It’s original, beautiful, handmade and almost always BRITISH.

Visit us at Jam Eton, in Eton just over the river from Windsor, SL4 6AF.

And, if you think you can’t afford original art, we’ve news for you. Find out more about Own Art making art affordable.