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Ulla Hornfeldt - flavour of the month Linda Bloomfield - in the window


Yes, it's our 20th year of successful business! We are celebrating with an array of different activities and exhibitions throughout the year. The actual birthday was high-lighted with a co-ordinated fashion show featuring womenswear by Ieva Poriete, Eton's designer dressmaker and Jam Eton's jewellery. Check out the video of our fashion show.

Our gallery, Jam Eton, is simply brimming with carefully selected artwork, jewellery, ceramics and glass from both established and collectable designer-makers, to those newbies kicking up a storm at the fashion and design shows.

It’s all original, beautiful, handmade and BRITISH.

Visit us at Jam Eton, in Eton just over the river from Windsor, SL4 6AF.

And, if you think you can’t afford original art, we’ve news for you. Find out more about Own Art making art affordable.