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Welcome to the world of David Dragon.

June 8th – 29th 2013

David Dragon’s long working career as a graphic artist has shaped and moulded his painting style. Now, with time to reflect on the myriad interests and life time experiences, David is grouping together and putting down on paper, board, whatever, his take on life in the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and beyond.

Many of you may well already own a “David Dragon” without even realising. In his early career, David designed numerous record sleeves and CD covers for Decca Records. Have a look at this article on David for more detail on sleeve design.

An artist who wears his heart on his album sleeves

This exhibition brings together his paintings and printmaking – DUALITY. Now over to David to hear about his work’s progression in his own words:

I’m very pleased to say that Jacqueline and Mike have invited me back to Jam Eton for a second exhibition. The first, Hero, was in March 2010, and featured 12 paintings of some of my favourite people from the last 60 years of British popular culture. The new show, Duality, continues the theme but with the addition of prints as well as paintings: hence the title. There are also other differences. This time I’ve not only focussed on the UK, but also included a cast of characters originating from beyond our shores, notably the USA. Oh, and one from France.

Serge & Jane. Monoprint. 70mm x 50mm framed.

Serge & Jane. Monotype. 70mm x 50mm framed.

Last year I renewed my hitherto limited experience of print, not having touched the medium since Art College in the 60’s. I completed two courses at the excellent Ochre Print Studios in Guildford, starting with a relief-printing course in lino and wood comprising of six three-hour sessions, following up with a two-day crash course in monoprinting. This resulted in a series of prints in all three disciplines. I will be demonstrating the technique I used to produce the monotypes, as well as talking about my inspiration and influences, at the gallery on Sunday June 16th at 11:30. (Note from Jam: please do let us know if you would like to attend so we can arrange chairs and so forth! tel. 01753 622333 or email info@jam-eton.co.uk. A good activity for Father’s day!) 

Bob Dylan. Woodcut and wash. 36cmx23cm (framed)

Bob Dylan. Woodcut and wash. 36cmx23cm (framed)

The paintings featured in the exhibition are not framed works on paper as last time, but are rendered on wood panels, something I’ve not done since my days as an illustrator. The ply used lends itself very well to the application of acrylic laid down as a flat colour, relying on tonal gradations to achieve form. I shall definitely reinstate wood as an option for future work.

Amy Winehouse 24cm x 30cm

Amy Winehouse
24cm x 30cm

Featuring figures from art, music, literature, fashion and film – an interest forged in my days working as a designer for clients in all those areas of popular culture – each work is accompanied by a brief explanation as to who they are and why they were chosen. I’ve very much enjoyed producing the pieces for Duality and I hope you can get along to the gallery between Saturday June 8 and  Sunday June 29 and see them for yourself. For a preview, there is a selection of work on the website.

VOCALITY 20cm x 40cm

VOCALITY 20cm x 40cm