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For this interview, we’d like to introduce you to one of us! Loren is a professional photographer and does almost all the photography for Jam when she is here, which explains the great photos on our website! You can also see Loren’s work on her own website: www.stonephotos.co.uk. Earlier this year, we teamed up with our neighbour, Ieva Poriete, for a fashion event and photo shoot showcasing Ieva’s bespoke fashion and our excellent range of jewellery. Loren did all the photography and this is one of our favourite photos from the photo shoot with a model:

Loren Stone Photo

Photo by Loren Stone. Jewellery by Jennie Gill.

What type of photography do you do for your photography business, Stone Photos?

Loren Stone family portrait

Loren Stone family portrait

I have a studio where I do portraits, including families, babies, children, pets, baby bumps, Fashion Parties etc. I also shoot weddings and other events where I often have a PhotoBooth set up. Plus I do commercial work too, for example the pictures I do for Jam Eton. Having all these different styles of photography keeps it varied and interesting and it is a fulfilling job!


Had you done product/commercial photography before starting at Jam? 

The majority of my work before joining Jam was social photography, but I did do some commercial work including product photography on a small and a large scale. I have also shot models’ portfolios, portraits (including a politician) and I photographed a band, which was great fun and very creative.

Loren Stone band photo

Loren’s Warhol-inspired band photograph

What are some of your favourites of your own photos?
It is very difficult to choose my favourite photo as they are so different and I like them in different ways, here is one from a recent wedding. I was so pleased with the whole wedding, I couldn’t wait to show the bride and groom!

Loren Stone wedding photo

One of Loren’s recent wedding photos

I love photographing everything that comes into Jam. It means I get to have a proper look at everything, then add it to my Christmas list (even in January!!). the most satisfying, but also pretty difficult thing to photograph is a ring, especially with a stone of some kind, making sure it is lit perfectly and the stone looks perfect and sharp. My favourite photo is of these three Adele Taylor rings, photographed for the Jam Eton 20/20 exhibition in March this year.

Adele Taylor rings photographed by Loren Stone

Adele Taylor rings, photographed by Loren Stone

What type of photography job is your favourite?
All though I get nervous before every wedding, you just can’t beat photographing a wedding. Everyone is there to have a great time, all the guests look stunning and the venue is dressed up too. Often I will start at 9am and finish at 9pm and be on my feet all day, but the adrenaline of the day takes you through and the end result is so worth it.

What is the most bizarre or unusual photoshoot you’ve done?
I was doing a newborn shoot a while back and the client wanted me to photograph her breast feeding her baby. The pictures looked lovely, but unsurprisingly she didn’t choose those ones for her album! The shoot I did for Forever Fuels was pretty different. It involved a fleet of 8 lorries which we took to a great location on a fabulous day and photographed with the staff. It was a tricky shoot to manouver, but I was really pleased with the results.

Loren Stone commercial photo

Forever Fuels fleet, photographed by Loren Stone

What were your apprentice experiences?
When I was at college doing my degree, I was lucky enough to be an assistant to interior photographer Colin Poole. I learnt so much from working with him and really enjoyed travelling the country to different people’s houses. He does a lot of work for home magazines, but also for the celebrity magazines, so I found myself blackberry picking with Nigel Lawson, eating risotto with Jamie Oliver and admiring antiques with David Dickenson to name a few.