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A group of eager creatives came to watch David Dragon demonstrate his monotype technique at Jam Eton. No sooner did David start on the process, the questions started flying; the atmosphere was spellbinding. David seems to be able to talk and work, surprising when he spends most of his normal working day alone in his studio.

The image was built up in tones of colour confidently applied in layers to the glass plate. The ritual of rollering the paper over the inked-up glass gave a rippled texture, characteristic of the printmaking process and something not normally acheivable by painting directly on paper. David stressed that he likes to keep to these printmaking norms and is never temped to “touch up” any unintended marks.

The whole process took about an hour and the audience were enthused to go and try their hand at their own monotypes. Duality catalogues are still available from Jam Eton and the exhibition continues until June 29th.